Pick from the best of the best. Finding the sweetest gourmet gift is easy when you browse the favorites of thousands of gourmet gift shoppers. All Shari's Berries hand-dipped strawberries are beautifully presented and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Full Dozen Strawberry Medley
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Cheesecake Trio & Dozen Fancy Strawberries
100 reviews
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Gourmet gifts deliver a bountiful surprise. They can send comfort, best wishes, and sincerity. Gourmet food gifts elate the senses and can be a reflection of your good taste to the recipient. When you don't know what the recipients preferences are, gourmet gifts are a safe choice.

Gourmet Desserts

Finding the right gourmet dessert is easy with the choices at Shari's Berries that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Popular choices with gourmet dessert shoppers include delicious gourmet truffles, caramel apples and most popular of them all, gourmet strawberries.