Sentimental Gifts

Occasions such as anniversaries, congratulations, and even times to wish someone to get well should only be celebrated with gifts from the heart. Send any of our selected gifts below from Shari’s Berries to ensure your gifts are as sentimental as the person and occasion you’re celebrating.
Handmade Zoo Animals Brownie Pops
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Full Dozen Strawberry Roses
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Full Dozen Sports Strawberries
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Full Dozen Strawberry Medley
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20 Hand-Dipped Cherries
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Rooster Cookie Jar with Cookies
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Tiramisu Classico Cake
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Wines That Rock
Mrs. Fields Classic Crate
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Half Dozen Sports Strawberries
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Strawberry Cookie Jar with Cookies
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$39.99 $19.99

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Sentimental Gifts

Everyone is sentimental about something- from a certain date to a certain place, to the people they love and what reminds them of each person. So why not send sentimental gifts to remind your loved ones of the things they are emotional about? While your main focus of gift giving is always about getting something for someone they will use and or enjoy for years to come, your gifts should also be emotional and touching to their hearts as well. Have they always been a loving and caring person who takes care of everyone like a nurse would? Do they make each and every loved one in their life feel like they’re the only one around? Then it would be fun to send them a collection of Handmade Get Well Cake Pops decorated as doctors and nurses and supplies. Even if they’re not sick, they’ll love the sentimental gesture this gift implies. It shows them you recognize all of their hard work and dedication to making everyone feel loved and special.

Sentimental presents are great for those who are actually sick as well. Who doesn’t want to feel like their friends and family are thinking of them in their time of need? Whether it’s a bad flu or there in the hospital recovering from something like a surgery or illness, send them get well gifts their heart will flutter over. One perfect gift to get the flutter effect is our Get Well Flowers and Butterflies Cookie Bouquet. Baked to a delicious perfection and then hand decorated in hues of blues and purples to resemble flowers and butterflies, this gift always makes people feel better. Or maybe your loved one just had some sort of surgery- like knee or foot surgery? How fun and sentimental would it be to surprise them with a Get Back on Your Feet Cookie Bouquet? This entertaining gift resembles feet with band aids and flip flops, perfect to make your friend or family member who is recovering laugh out loud at the mere sight! And before you know it, everything will roll positively from there, from their fast recovery to their happier mood and even doctors and nurses getting a chuckle of this amazing gift.

Can’t be there in person during their time of need? Have sentimental gifts delivered to any location, regardless of where you live. Once you order them online, all you have to do is tell us when and where they need to go and we’ll get them there fresh and on time. From San Diego, to Miami, Austin, to New York, and even as far north as Maine, we can get any gift to any location with ease. And we promise our products are always delivered professionally and with a smile so you can order with confidence knowing your recipient will be happy with the gift from the moment it lands on their doorstep.

All year long there is always a reason to order sentimental gifts online for someone. Whether you plan it or not, you know the occasion and time will eventually come. Send sentimental gifts to mom in memory of her parents passing away. Send sentimental gifts to your best friend to remind them of when your friendship started. Order these kinds of gifts for your favorite boss who is retiring in a couple months and you want to know how much you’ll miss working with him or her. You see, there is always an occasion to send a sentimental present to a loved one. And you should always make sure to send something that they’ll more than appreciate and you’ll be more than delighted to present to them.

At times, sentimental moments that are in need of a gift come up spontaneously. But sometimes they are known in advance. If you have times you know you will need to buy for but can’t always remember them in time enough to order a gift, then be sure and take advantage of our easy to use reminder services, available to all of our customers. All you have to do is give us the date, recipient and occasion to be celebrated. With this information, we’ll send you a couple email reminders well in advance, along with gifting suggestions, so you can be sure to order your gift with plenty of time to spare. And there are times we have been known to throw a savings deal with the email reminder as well – which is even more of an incentive to sign up for them! If you have any questions on how our ordering system works or you want a suggestion on what to send your friend or family member that is sentimental, give our award winning customer service team a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’re always ready and waiting to help you out in any way they can.