Personalized Cookies

What’s better than receiving cookies as a gift? Receiving personalized cookies of course! Order your customized gift for any and every occasion you need to celebrate. And not only will they look amazing, but they’ll taste fantastic too!
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Personalized Cookies

Everyone wants to be able to put their own personal touch on the gifts that they give to their loved ones. Whether you are looking for a super unique gift for someone special or you are looking to make an impact on your guests at the special party or reception you’re having, we have the perfect solutions for you with our personalized cookies ready for order today. 

Unique Times for Personalized Cookies

When there is a specific theme or message attached to the event, what better way to bring it all together than a unique gift that quietly says “It’s your special day!” or even “This event is all for you!”  Ordering personalized cookie gifts or a favor such as this for any event you’re having has never been easier than with Shari’s Berries online ordering system. Consider that charity party that you recently attended. Wouldn’t it have been really neat to take home a little something that would help to prolong the significance of the event in forefront of your mind? Personalized cookie favors from Shari’s Berries could be used to signify the event, and even a particular aspect of what or who made is so special. If a sports team or a type of dance studio made a large donation or sponsorship, then you can order personalized themed cookies to represent their wonderful charity. Or maybe you could order a flower cookie bouquet to be auctioned off, having them personalized with the events name.

We have all been to a reception or two that has provided something special on each and every seat for the attending people to take home with them when they leave., which attendees always welcome receiving. With that in mind, wouldn't it be great to have personalized wedding cookies for all the place settings at the reception? You could personalize them with Mr. and Mrs., the wedding date, or even your wedding song. Whatever you choose to write on the cookies, these would make your guests and well-wishers glowing with excitement for you long after the ceremony and subsequent reception. For any personalized cookie questions for your wedding, let Shari’s Berries be of assistance to you. 

Traditional Times for Personalized Cookies

Personalized cookies can be served at a multitude of events and occasions. From fun baby showers to your co-workers retirement party and every event in between, personalized cookie favors and personalized cookie gifts can provide an undeniable celebratory atmosphere. Shari’s Berries has a wide variety of cookies for just that purpose. Send a Thanks a Bunch Cookie Bouquet when you want to say thank you for the wonderful gesture. This kind of gift is great for the neighbor who watched your house while you were on vacation or for the babysitter who went above and beyond this week. Maybe you’re looking to wish someone well instead. Send that person a Get Well Flowers and Butterflies Cookie Bouquet to help them start feeling better instantly. They’ll love the cute butterflies and purple flowers, and most of all the fact that their name is written on the centerpiece cookie.

Perhaps one of the most traditional times to send personalized cookies as gifts and favors is for birthdays. Who doesn’t love receiving something with their name on it, let alone something incredibly delicious? Send that guy a Happy Birthday Sports Cookie Bouquet and send her Happy Birthday Princess Cookie Bouquet. He’ll love how “playful” it is and she’ll love how royally fantastic you’ve made her feel.

The best part about ordering these amazing cookies from Shari’s Berries is that you can order everything from the comfort of your home or office and have them delivered directly to the door of your choosing. Whether for a special occasion, or simply to show someone that you are thinking of them, here at Shari’s Berries we can help you make anyone’s day bright and cheerful.

Shari’s Berries carries a wide variety of cookies that are simply waiting to be turned into personalized gifts for all of your loved ones no matter their age or gender.  Maybe you are trying to find a unique place card – think personalized cookies.  Perhaps you want to give those in attendance a touching memento that exemplifies their significance – consider customized cookies. Or maybe you just want to go the extra mile just because – then remember to order personalized cookies. We offer a veritable treasure trove of ideas and opportunities to be utilized in such a fashion. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to receive information on all the latest promotions and products.