Office Gifts

Liven up the office with amazing gifts that will make everyone’s taste buds dance and give them energy to work even harder than they already do. Order from an array of gifts, such as our mouthwatering cake pops, famous hand dipped berries, or our gourmet nuts. Whatever you buy, your coworkers will be berry, berry happy!
A Spread to Share
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starting at $99.99
Full Dozen Strawberry Medley
230 reviews
$39.98 $33.98
Two Full Dozen Strawberry Medley
27 reviews
$59.97 $50.97
Mrs. Fields Classic Crate
15 reviews
Half Dozen Sports Strawberries
24 reviews
Snack Attack
10 reviews
starting at $49.99
Half Dozen Strawberry Medley
4 reviews
$29.99 $25.49
Tiramisu Classico Cake
92 reviews
12 Months of Strawberries
3 reviews
3 Months of Strawberries
5 reviews
Vanilla Bean Cake
42 reviews
6 Months of Strawberries
3 reviews
Some Like it Hot
starting at $79.99

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Office Gifts

You spend 40+ hours a week there and you call everyone your work family. And some people even call each other their work husbands or wives because they spend so much time with one another. So when the times come that you need a gifts for your work companions and friends, be sure to send fun office gifts for everyone at work. Is it your cubical partners birthday? Surprise him or her with an amazing cake you won’t find in a store. Can’t decide what kind of cake to send? We’ve got a few options for you to choose from! Start with our personalizable Three Layer Chocolate Cake. Rich chocolate cream is layered between moist cakes and then topped with additional cream frosting for a mouthwatering flavor. If chocolate isn’t their favorite, then try irresistible personalizable Vanilla Bean Cake. When it’s cut into, you’ll see flecks of real vanilla bean within two moist cake layers. To top it off, we’ve added a buttercream frosting in and around the entire cake! Lastly, we have an absolutely delectable Red Velvet Cake that will just melt in your mouth. Add a name to any of these and you have one of the best office presents around!

Group Gifts

Maybe you’re looking for a gift that everyone at the office can enjoy. Shari’s Berries as presents for people at the office that is perfect for sharing at any occasion. Our cookie bouquets are a good place to start as they are made of large, handmade and hand decorated sugar cookies. And the best part is we have cookies decorated for any and every theme and holiday imaginable – from Valentine’s Day to birthdays, get well, and more. So that means you can buy cookie bouquets all year long! Another great group gift is our farm fresh fruit baskets. Filled with crisp and juicy fruit such as pears, apples, pineapple, oranges, banana, and more, these baskets are fantastic to present to the office workers and leave on the kitchen table for them to enjoy. And many of our baskets come with additional snacks such as crackers, cheese, nuts, and other tasty snacks.

One of our other customer favorite office presents online is our gourmet nuts gift called Snack Attack. Filled to the brim with trail mix, cinnamon almonds honey roasted peanuts, rice cracker mix, roasted salted cashews, and more, there is a flavor available for everyone. If you have a large office gathering, then we suggest upgrading to the Deluxe Snack Attack, which is double the quantity of these amazing treats! Shari’s Berries also has dried fruit, fruit and nut combinations, and organic gift options for you to choose from as well.


Perhaps you’re not in the market of purchasing a gift solely for anyone, but want something your workers aspire to win instead. What employee wouldn’t want to win a personalizable White and Chocolate Mousse? Or a “Thanks A Million Cookie Bouquet”? Gifts like these show your employees you appreciate all of their hard work. And they also make your employees and co-workers work just a bit harder than they already do, as they are amazing gifts to receive at any time! Another great work incentive is our customer favorite cake pops. Order a set today that is hand dipped and decorated in either our traditional fashion or to resemble a holiday or occasion. If you want a prize for the annual office Halloween costume party then order a set of Handmade Halloween Cake Pops. If you want to say thanks to the person who worked the hardest on the big project, then buy our Handmade Thanks a Buzzillion Cake Pops. Everyone in the office will love the cute bees and honey pots these cake pops resemble. Have no specific holiday or reason but want to surprise the team with a fantastic treat? Order your Handmade Happy Face Cake Pops today and watch as their faces smile as big as the cake pops!

Order your office gifts today to ensure they get to your destination on time. And you can order confidentially knowing they will always arrive fresh, professionally, and with a smile. If you are unsatisfied with any part of your ordering experience in any way shape or form, don’t hesitate to call our award winning customer service team day or night. They’ll be sure to make it right, whether that means replacing your order or giving you a refund. At the end of the day, Shari’s Berries top priority is to make sure each and every customer is a happy one. So give us a call today or order your gifts online. We look forward to hearing from you!