New Year's Gifts

Delicious New Year's Gifts worthy of ringing in a new year.
English Toffee
27 reviews
Chocolate Velvet Boule
45 reviews
A Spread to Share
5 reviews
starting at $99.99
20 Hand-Dipped Cherries
482 reviews
$39.99 $24.99
Chocolate Molten Cakes
21 reviews
Chocolate Covered Oreos®
97 reviews
Classic - 36 Assorted Truffles
31 reviews
Fresh & Dried Tropical Fruit
starting at $89.99
Some Like it Hot
starting at $79.99
Two Full Dozen Strawberry Medley
27 reviews
$59.97 $50.97
Simply Fresh Fruit & Snacks
9 reviews
starting at $49.99
Full Dozen Strawberry Roses
286 reviews
$69.99 $49.99
Mrs. Fields Classic Crate
15 reviews
Deluxe Snack Attack
6 reviews
starting at $69.99
Simply Fresh Fruit
15 reviews
starting at $39.99
Handmade Marshmallow Pops
21 reviews
Full Dozen Strawberry Medley
230 reviews
$39.98 $33.98
Snack Attack
10 reviews
starting at $49.99

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New Years Gifts

New Years Eve is undoubtedly the most reveled holiday in America (well in certain parts of America anyway -- especially within a 30-mile radius of Times Square). There's confetti (and beer bottles) flying around, noise-makers squeaking (hard to differentiate from the women trying to out-talk each other), and champagne flowing like water (nothin' wrong with that, right?): it's the biggest party of the year!

Whether you're planning a night with family and friends while hosting the fete at your place, or intending to stop by a friend's place (with 200 other random people), you must know by now precisely how to ring in a Happy New Year! (Unless you're a hermit and haven't celebrated New Year's Eve since you were 8, and forced to dress as a server-boy by be-drunken parents … well, that story's for another day).

If you're not hosting the party, chances are that your buddies/friends who ARE hosting might need some help; and if you're a good friend you're going to come through 100 percent. Let's see… they'll need decorations, food, New Year's party supplies, champagne, beer, wine and/or liquor, appetizers, games, and… oh yeah; they need some other cool New Years Eve ideas… stat. They turned to you for help, and now you've turned to US. You're a genius: that was the first of many helpful New Years Eve ideas! Let's break it down into pieces now…

Get some great New Year's gifts by buying online, some fun New Years Eve ideas, and all your New Year's party supplies delivered! Follow those steps and you'll be done in no time. Important note: DO NOT wait until the last minute to plan your New Year's Eve party. If you do, you'll find all the New Year's party supplies gone, all the pre-prepared food trays bought, and all the decoration aisles empty unless you want to ring in 2011, 2012 with Barney or Barbie.

First: the New Year's Gifts you want to give, send or have delivered: 1. Some wonderful New Year gift ideas you can easily buy and have delivered are chocolate covered strawberries or pretzels. The site has tons of specials for delivery and even offers themed (and edible) gourmet Happy New Year gifts. 2. You want to ensure you send a holiday gift that is thoughtful, tasteful, and appropriate for the recipient. Something a bit more lavish needed? Other Happy New Year gifts to buy/send or deliver are chocolate dipped cookies, truffle baskets or wine baskets. If it's for the love of your life, then put a special touch in there- like a romantic card. 3. Other New Year gift ideas include: candle sets for the hosts, a great bottle of well-aged Merlot, a contemporary multiple-space picture frame with black or brass border, & perhaps a pair of tickets to the city's favorite sports team's next event.

So that takes care of the New Year's gifts/ideas part of the equation. Now let's move on to the actual New Years Eve ideas part… No party is any party unless you buy these New Year's Eve party supplies and essentials:

-Party hats -Wine glass tags -Champagne noise blowers -Lots of confetti -A variety of snacks, i.e. -Chips and salsa/homemade guacamole -Bowls of mixed nuts -Chicken wings -Party pizzas -Chips and dips -Quality cheeses and crackers

It's actually a great idea if you ask each guest/couple attending to bring an appetizer or dessert. A great New Year's Eve idea: If everyone orders a Shari's Berries tray, your home will be loaded with classy finger-foods and other libations. You can also use this helpful New Year's Eve idea: each invitee selects three songs to be played at the party. Instead of antagonizing over what music your guests will want to hear, they'll all be happy. If music doesn't keep your party jumping, it's good to use the New Year's Eve ideas of party games, karaoke, and hand out lyrics to that famous tune Auld Lang Syne. Other New Year's party supplies/New Year's Eve ideas: keep guests entertained ‘til the ball drops with varying Shari's Berries gourmet trays.