Dipped Cherries

Our gourmet covered cherries offer a refined twist on a classic cordial. Succulent maraschino cherries are covered with our famous confection.
20 Hand-Dipped Ombre Cherries
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20 Hand-Dipped Cherries
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10 Sweet Cherries & 9 Assorted Cake Truffles
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Chocolate Covered Cherries and Dipped Apples

Chocolate maraschino cherries have been a popular holiday gift since the 1920s. Hand dipped apples have also become a popular gift and are perfect for many occasions. Send sweet cherries and luscious caramel apples online as romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day, or to express well wishes at Christmas. Our hand-dipped cherries and apples will elevate any celebration with a gourmet taste that you simply have to try. They’re also perfect for birthdays and anniversaries!

There’s a big difference between gourmet chocolate covered cherries from Shari’s Berries, and boxed chocolate cherry cordials from the supermarket or drugstore. The first thing you will notice about our chocolate dipped fruit is the difference in shape. We use just-plucked cherries, and we leave the stems at the top. Other brands often use preserved or dried cherries, but we pick them fresh! The stems make it easy to double-dip the cherries in sweet white, milk, or dark confection. Each cherry has a third layer of confection or swizzles, which adds a tasty final touch to every hand-dipped delicacy. We also skip the sugary fillers and preservatives that the store-bought chocolate covered cherries have. Get the true taste of plump cherries and chocolaty confection with gourmet gifts from Shari’s Berries.

Alongside our tasty collection of chocolate covered cherries is our collection of delicious, mouthwatering dipped apples. These gourmet treats are perfect for many occasions and are the ultimate taste-bud satisfiers. Combining the rich, tart flavor of green apples and the smooth, creamy texture of handcrafted caramel, our dipped apples are must-have gifts.

Shopping for a unique birthday gift? Look no further. Consider our gourmet caramel apples which can be delivered nationwide with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have a special birthday selection of caramel apples that include rainbow sprinkles, pecans, M&Ms and much more.

There’s only one way to improve on the sweet cherry and dipped apple specialty gifts from Shari’s Berries…pair them with our other gourmet goods! You can send strawberries along with the cherries or apples for a double dose of our hand-dipped fruits. These combo sets of succulent fruits drenched in sweet confection will take any recipient’s breath away. Find all of these options and more, only at Shari’s Berries.