Halloween Strawberries

Shari’s Berries can do anything with a strawberry, even dress it up in a Halloween costume! It’s no surprise that our Halloween decorated chocolate strawberries are everyone’s favorite spooky treats for Halloween. Dressed up in orange, black and brown and covered in sprinkles, swizzles and nuts, these holiday treats are as spooky as they are delicious!
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Halloween Strawberries

Halloween chocolate covered strawberries are delicious from tip to stem, so if you’re looking for the quickest route to a big kid’s heart on Halloween, have a box delivered to their door! Our range of Halloween decorated chocolate strawberries includes milk dipped with stripes, white dipped with dots, dark dipped with swizzles, chocolate chips, candies and chopped almonds. Our Halloween Shari's Berries dressed in orange and black will make the perfect Halloween gifts for everyone you need to treat!

Our orange jack-o-lantern strawberries are too adorable to be spooky, but they make a great addition to the Halloween treat table just the same! Offer one to each guest as they arrive at the Halloween party, or send them home as party favors. Just be sure that everyone gets to try one because once they are on the table, they won’t last long! They make a gorgeous showpiece on the candy buffet, but they’d be on display for much longer if they weren’t so darn delicious.

Halloween berries will quickly become your favorite spooky treats for Halloween, but the fun needn’t end there - we’ve combined some of our favorite desserts with our berry packs so you can have it all! Choose berries in a pack with our fluffy, creamy mini cheesecakes in classic New York, white chocolate and rocky road. Combine our delicious Halloween berries with sweet cherries for a decadent berry fest, or buy them in packs with hand dipped cookies or pretzels. And remember these amazing treats are available year round! So whether your looking for Halloween gifts or a Mother's Day gifts for the ones you love choose Shari's Berries!

Make a centerpiece on the Halloween candy bar using Halloween decorated chocolate strawberries. Turn anything from a plain wicker basket to a cardboard shoebox, into a showpiece with a little imagination and our delicious Halloween berries. Cover a shoebox with wrapping paper or tissue paper in black or orange, and fill with food grade tissue paper. Place a dozen Halloween chocolate covered strawberries in the box to create a striking Halloween centerpiece! If you have a wicker basket, you can spray paint it in orange or black, then simply line the basket with food-grade tissue and add an orange or black satin bow to the handle!

Nature’s most delicious berry doesn’t require much improvement, but nothing beats candy-covered fruit, and we’ve discovered the perfect ratio of fruit to candy so you can enjoy each delicious bite! Shari’s Berries makes it so easy to buy strawberries online, and with our freshness guarantee, you can rest assured that you are sending the highest quality gourmet gifts available. It's becomming known that Shari's Berries is the one place to turn for all things berry but did you know that we have the best chocolates and truffles as well? You can count on us to send the freshest variety of gourmet gifts year round for all the ones you love.

In recent years, apple bobbing has come under fire for being a tad unsanitary for a kids’ game. Parents last resort to getting their children to eat a little bit of fruit on Halloween, it’s a shame to see the custom die out. Enter the humble strawberry! Your children will adore our Halloween chocolate covered strawberries and they won’t even know they’re getting their Vitamin C! Stock up on the goodness of strawberries and add some freshness to the candy table! Or go for an unconventional but always a crowd pleaser and choose Shari's Berries Halloween Brownie Pops! Our delicious Halloween cake pops are decadent, decorated and ready to be devoured by the whole party!

When you order Halloween chocolate covered strawberries online, Shari’s Berries creates your order especially for you and arranges your berries in our unique stay-fresh packaging ready for delivery. That way, when they arrive to your recipients’ door, they are in perfect condition, ready to be displayed, or given as Halloween gifts. Order Shari’s Berries spooky treats for Halloween and bring a whole lot of joy to the candy bar!