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Find gift ideas for young girls, tweens, and teens among the unique offerings here. Our gourmet gifts for girls feature all of their favorite flavors, plus fun themes and decorations. Find cookies for kids, chocolates for teen girls, and an incredible assortment of gourmet online gifts for girls, only at Shari’s Berries!
Full Dozen Strawberry Medley
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Vanilla Bean Cake
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12 Red Roses with 12 Fancy Strawberries
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Full Dozen Strawberry Roses
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Mrs. Fields® Classic Crate
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Full Dozen Sports Strawberries
88 reviews
Tiramisu Classico Cake
92 reviews
20 Hand-Dipped Cherries
482 reviews
$39.99 $24.99
Half Dozen Sports Strawberries
24 reviews
Chocolate Covered Oreos®
97 reviews

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Online Girl Gifts Delivered

Shopping for kids is always tough, because their interests shift so quickly. Once they’ve developed a taste for chocolate and sweets, though, they’re probably hooked for life. If you’re seeking gifts for a little cookie monster or chocoholic, you’re in the right place. Our gift ideas for young girls include sure-to-please favorites like cookies and cupcakes, plus new delicacies like dipped berries and brownie pops. We also have chocolates for teen girls and tweens, and gifts for young women on their way to adulthood. Find gourmet sweets, cakes, and chocolates for any young lady, and any occasion, at Shari’s Berries.

Our online gifts for girls start with presents for their very first day! A new infant can’t enjoy our baby gifts & baby shower gifts, of course, but parents sure will appreciate them. Imagine a dozen hand-dipped baby girl berries, lovingly decorated with pale pink confection. Or, a bouquet of hand-decorated butter crème cookies that declare, “It’s a girl!” New moms and dads will love the whimsical nature of these gifts, and they will be grateful to have snacks on hand. We also have baskets of gifts for girls, filled with plush animals, hand-decorated baby girl cookies, and new baby essentials from Johnson & Johnson.

As babies become toddlers, and then school-age children, their tastes become more refined. They’re clear on what they like, and what they don’t like – and they’re not usually willing to negotiate! It’s hard to argue with gourmet gift baskets for her) of candy, chocolate, cookies, and cakes, though, so shopping will be easy as pie. Wow the other kids – and moms – by serving themed, decorated cookies or berries at your girl’s next birthday party. Rainbow sprinkles adorn our birthday berries, and our yogurt-dipped berries boast candy colored, fruit flavored swizzles. Other berries are dressed up as wedding gowns, baseballs, or roses. Cookie bouquets come in shapes like flowers, stylish accessories, and smiley faces; be sure to check out the delectable brownie pops as well.

Selecting the right gourmet gifts for girls becomes more difficult when they mature into tweens and pre-teens. Gifts of organic snacks and sugar free foods set the tone for healthy eating habits, but there’s something to be said for indulgent treats. Girls who have officially become women will appreciate ample amounts of chocolate; they will feel oh-so-mature as they take comfort in this classic cure-all. This is a tough time for girls, so you might want to pick out a just because gift to boost her spirits every once in a while.

Our sweet and salty online gifts for girls might come in handy for parents when their daughter becomes a teenager. Junior high and high school offers major drama on a daily basis, so there’s always some reason to celebrate or commiserate. Dipped fruits, chocolate truffles, and baked goods will go fast; buy enough for her to share with friends! The single teenage girl can be especially morose on Valentine’s Day, when many of her friends are paired up and receiving gifts. Buy her some Valentine gifts or chocolates, so she doesn’t miss out on all the fun of the holiday.

Young girls and teenagers will be particularly sensitive to the idea of being forgotten. If you actually do forget her birthday gift or congratulations gift, we’re here to help! Shari’s Berries has last minute ideas and next day delivery options, plus multi-day gifts that spread the presents across several shipments. Find last minute gifts for girls, plus reminder services that help you avoid such problems in the future. Don’t forget to add a sweet message along with your gift of sweets!