Gifts for Employees

Reward a job well done with employee appreciation ideas from Shari’s Berries. Send gift baskets to your employees as a way to say thanks, congratulations, or happy birthday. Our great gifts for workers have something for everyone! Shop today and boost office morale with the unique, delicious employee gifts available online.
A Spread to Share
5 reviews
starting at $99.99
Full Dozen Strawberry Medley
230 reviews
Mrs. Fields Classic Crate
15 reviews
Half Dozen Sports Strawberries
24 reviews
Snack Attack
10 reviews
starting at $49.99
Half Dozen Strawberry Medley
4 reviews
Tiramisu Classico Cake
92 reviews
12 Months of Strawberries
3 reviews
3 Months of Strawberries
5 reviews
Vanilla Bean Cake
42 reviews
6 Months of Strawberries
3 reviews
Some Like it Hot
starting at $79.99

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Employee Gifts Online

Earn your title of “World’s Best Boss” when you send gift baskets to your employees and associates. The employee appreciation ideas from Shari’s Berries include classic administrative gifts of flowers, along with unique gourmet gift baskets packed full of confection covered strawberries, salty snacks, and favorites from Mrs. Fields. These great gifts for workers are perfect for birthday, promotion, and retirement celebrations. They also work as thank you gifts, for employees that went above and beyond.

Choosing a gourmet gift for employee will depend on the occasion, and the attitude in your office. If you’re celebrating a happy moment, browse our cheerful birthday gifts and congratulations gifts congratulations gifts . Bittersweet moments like retirement parties should also be celebrated, but with a bit less fanfare. All of these, plus employee anniversaries for years spent with the company, call for office parties. Somber occasions that prompt sympathy flowers and gifts are best acknowledged discretely. A conservative corporate environment lends itself to individual gifts that can be displayed at the recipient’s desk, like flowers or small trays of dipped berries. Casual offices with shared celebrations will appreciate when you send fruit baskets & fruit gifts or large sampler platters of assorted gourmet fruits. These can be set in the break room, so everyone in the office can sample the fares.

A busy boss might end up needing a last minute gift for employee, and we have just the thing. Find gourmet gift baskets gourmet gift baskets for her, flowers, and candy arrangements available for same day or next day delivery, only at Shari’s Berries. Order before 3 pm on weekdays, or 2 pm on weekends (recipient’s time zone) for delivery that evening. If you miss that deadline, you can still opt to have an employee gift sent the next day. If your office manager or personal assistant is the one that buys gifts, be sure he or she is aware of this option! You can also sign up for a free reminder service, and get email alerts prior to every major date that you select. You never know when you might need impromptu congratulations or thank you gifts, though, so it’s nice to have same/next day delivery available.

Gourmet gift baskets aren’t just for employees – consider them as corporate gifts for partners, clients, and contractors. Everyone likes to feel special, and a simple present can go a long way. Send one to a big account or long-time customer as a thank you for their business, with no expectation of anything in return. A small, sincere gesture like this makes a powerful statement. Gifts like these also speak to the tone of your company, and increase employee job satisfaction. Workers are more likely to stay at their job if they feel appreciated and acknowledged, and that’s just what our employee gifts offer! You can even buy a floral bouquet or organic fruit basket for your office reception area or entry hall, as a warm welcome for visitors. Is there anything that a gourmet gift basket can’t do? We think not.