Father's Day Gift Baskets

Looking for Father’s Day gifts that say “I love you”? If so, you’re sure to find plenty of Father’s Day gift basket ideas among our exclusive selection. Our gift baskets for dad and food baskets for dad speak volumes about your love and appreciation. Each arrives full of tempting snacks & guy-approved presents.
Deluxe Snack Attack
6 reviews
starting at $69.99
Simply Fresh Fruit, Cheese & Snacks
23 reviews
starting at $59.99
Best With Beer
4 reviews
starting at $69.99
Snack Attack
11 reviews
starting at $49.99
Single Malt No. 16 Toothpicks
1 review
Mrs. Fields® Classics, Large
2 reviews
starting at $79.99
Simply Fresh Fruit
15 reviews
starting at $39.99
Some Like it Hot
starting at $79.99
Sweet Meets Savory
starting at $99.99
Simply Fresh Fruit & Snacks
9 reviews
starting at $49.99
Starbucks Recharge and Renew
6 reviews
A Spread to Share
5 reviews
starting at $99.99
Best With Wine
starting at $99.99
Organic Favorites Gift Basket
starting at $89.99
Mrs. Fields® Classics, Grand
1 review
starting at $99.99

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Gift Baskets for Dad

Shari’s Berries makes it easy to have the best Father’s Day gift baskets delivered to your dad, grandpa, or husband this June. If you are looking for a new dad gift then check out the incredible array of great father's day gifts, and baskets for dad filled to the brim with tempting tastes that he will savor. No matter if you go with food baskets for dad, or gift baskets for dad – he’s going to love any selection from this collection! Find Father’s Day gifts that say “I love you”, “thanks for everything”, or “I’m glad you’re my dad”.

Does your father prefer sweet or savory flavors? We have plenty of both, so there’s something for every guy to enjoy. Health-conscious dads might enjoy it if you send fruit baskets & fruit gifts, ranging from certified organic fruit arrangements to confection coated hand-dipped berries. We also offer fruit of the month clubs, so dad can be sent a new seasonal choice for three, six, or twelve months. These Father’s Day gift basket ideas give him the thrill of a surprise present each month, plus the chance to try premium fruits he might not otherwise be interested in. Other birthday gifts for dad take a sweeter approach, like our exquisite dipped strawberries and sweet cherries.

Send dad strawberries & chocolates that present his favorite flavors in unique ways. If you opt for hand-dipped strawberries, your father will receive a full or half dozen of our signature gourmet berries. The jumbo strawberries are dunked in white, milk, or dark, and then coated with crunchy, flavorful toppings. Coconut, almonds, chocolate chips, and confection swizzles present a dazzling spread of drool-inducing Shari’s Berries! We’ve noticed that guys seem particularly intrigued by our breathtakingly delicious peanut butter berries. We’ve taken our gourmet berries a step further, adding a smooth layer of peanut butter to each one. What guy wouldn’t love this fun twist on PB & J sandwiches?

Anyone shopping for a serious chocoholic father can send dad cookies & cakes to appeal to his sweet tooth. These food baskets for dad include our most popular baked goods, like whimsical hand-decorated brownie pops and rich gourmet cakes. We also have other chocolate for dad like classic brownies, sans lollypop sticks, for the dad who is ready to chow down on edible gifts with no distractions! Familiar cake flavors like red velvet and vanilla bean mingle among intricate concoctions that mix lemon with raspberry, butterscotch with espresso, and hazelnut with rum. Once your father gets a taste, he’s sure to expect a Father’s Day cake each year as a new tradition.

Brand new dads, grandpa, great-great-grandpas, and anyone in between will love receiving gourmet Father’s Day gifts from Shari’s Berries. Don’t forget about the other dads in your life, like brothers, uncles, and close friends. Gourmet fruit gift baskets are also great for moms helping little ones pick out dad’s present. Kids will find it gratifying to see dad dive into the tasty treats that they picked out just for him. Dad might have to hide his snacks, though, to keep grabby hands away! Father’s Day presents of ties and macaroni frames will warm his heart, but gourmet Father’s Day gifts will also satisfy his tummy. Shop today at Shari’s Berries!