Kids' Easter Gifts

Browse our selection of adorable Easter gifts for children of all ages. From cute Easter candy and chocolate-filled Easter gift baskets, to fun decorated Easter cookies and whimsical brownie pops, we’ve got the Easter gifts to keep the kids happy this year!
Handmade Easter Brownie Pops
28 reviews
starting at $29.99
Handmade Zoo Animals Brownie Pops
80 reviews
starting at $29.99
Sunday Brunch
3 reviews
starting at $79.99
Farmer’s Market Finds
3 reviews
starting at $99.99
Perfect Pearing: Pears & Blue
2 reviews
starting at $59.99
Fruits & Nuts Tower
2 reviews
starting at $59.99
Grand Easter Basket
Snack Attack
11 reviews
starting at $49.99
Half Dozen Strawberry Medley
4 reviews
Handmade Marshmallow Pops
21 reviews
Simply Fresh Fruit
15 reviews
starting at $39.99
Lunch the Italian Way
6 reviews
starting at $69.99
12 Piece California Varietal Pears
1 review
starting at $39.99
Best With Wine
starting at $99.99

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Easter gifts for kids

If you’re seeking cheap Easter 2011 gifts and toys, you’re in the right place! Shari’s Berries is all stocked up for spring, with Easter gifts for kids, baskets full of Easter candy Easter candy, and fun Easter ideas for kids and babies. Find personalized kid’s toys for Easter, along with personalized cookies and pre-made arrangements and special Easter Bunny gifts for children.

The secret to affordable Easter gifts, Easter treat baskets, flowers, and chocolate gifts Easter gifts and treats can be summed up in one word: candy. Heaping mountains of jellybeans make any basket seem fuller, and fluffy piles of marshmallow Peeps offer a soft pillow beneath other Easter gifts. Cadbury Eggs are another great way to take up basket space and appease cravings for Easter chocolate. Pair any of our kid’s Easter gift ideas with a healthy (or perhaps unhealthy) dose of classic candies to really wow little ones.

Personalized kid’s toys for Easter include our personalized kid’s Easter baskets Easter baskets – some even work double duty as purses, tote bags, or plush stuffed animals! Your brood of bunny babies will adore keepsake gift baskets, apparel, and dolls that boast their names. Children and adults alike can enjoy gifts of Easter home décor, complete with your family name, during the spring season. Our selection of Easter Bunny gifts for children focus on the star of the show – the VIB! This very important bunny is a must-have for any kid’s Easter basket.

Enjoy some family bonding time with our fun Easter ideas for kids and babies. Little ones who can’t walk or talk won’t understand the holiday, but they sure do look cute in personalized Easter onesies and pajamas! Even the tiniest of infants can use a friend, so consider a baby-safe plush lamb or creative ladybug nightlight for the nursery. Tots will be fascinated by oversized plush Peeps, but they might be disappointed when they realize that the toys aren’t made from marshmallow!

School-age children will be amazed to receive a personal letter from the Easter Bunny, which arrives in the hands of a plush bunny with bendable ears. What kid wouldn’t delight in seeing their name and address on a fancy letter from a fairy tale creature? Other personalized kid’s toys for Easter have their name stitched across a bunny doll’s dress, or a plush baby chick’s egg. Special Easter Webkinz plush animals take personalization a step further; each comes with a code so kids can adopt their new spring baby online at the Webkinz World website.

There’s no better springtime treat than seeing your children’s faces light up when they find their Easter baskets. Keep the magic of the Easter Bunny alive in your home for at least one more year with the exceptional Easter kid’s gifts available at Shari’s Berries!