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Cookies are a classic treat, but we’ve made them even better with online cookie delivery that sends our indulgent sweets right to your door. Choose from bite-sized chocolate chip cookies, gourmet dipped cookies, and even giant cookie cakes, all online at Shari’s Berries.
Mrs. Fields Classics
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Mrs. Fields Classics, Medium
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Chocolate Covered Oreos®
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Mrs. Fields Classics, Large
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Mrs. Fields Classic Crate
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Mrs. Fields Classics, Grand
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30 Secret Garden Mini Cookies
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Rooster Cookie Jar with Cookies
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Strawberry Cookie Jar with Cookies
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Best Gourmet Cookies Delivered

Imagine enjoying nationwide delivery of the best cookies online – that sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? As kids we wished for easy access to an unlimited supply of sweets, and now Shari’s Berries has made it a reality. Our online cookie gram delivery sends the best gourmet cookie gifts right to your door, or the doors of friends and family across the country. Send dad cookies & cakes" for Father’s Day, and select from Mother's Day cookies, cakes & brownies for mom. Baked goods (especially the always popular chocolate chip cookies) are equally appropriate for administrative gifts, birthday presents, thank you gifts, and more. Read on to discover more options for best gourmet gifts of cookies!

The cookies at go far beyond anything you can buy at the grocery store, and only master bakers can create these gourmet cookie desserts at home. Luckily, Shari’s Berries has an incredible variety of unique cookies to choose from, like our handmade chocolate bark cookies, which are are sinfully delicious. We even brought in an expert “consultant” – Mrs. Fields! Alright, she isn’t actually on staff, but we do have tons of Mrs. Fields cookie tins and gifts available. The most popular Mrs. Fields gifts include her Nibblers cookies; keepsake tins and baskets hold bite-sized Nibblers in favorite cookie flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal walnut. Some sets also have perfectly sized brownie bites, which are sure to go fast. The Mrs. Fields Nibblers & Bites basket is ideal for those seeking congratulations gifts, just because gifts, or thank you gifts. The basket is packed to the brim with delicious snackable cookies and brownies, and we’re sure any recipient would welcome this assortment.

Our whimsical cookie bouquets are available in a range of designs, so you can have decorative cookie bouquets delivered for any occasion. Perhaps you’re seeking sympathy gift baskets for a friend that is ill or injured. If so, we have two bouquets of hand-decorated cookies to consider. One has a cluster of cookies shaped like feet wearing flip-flops, in bright shades of red, yellow, and green. The center cookie has a special message: “Get Back On Your Feet”. Another pun-based style boasts cookies shaped like baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, and footballs. This center cookie has a clever message as well: “You’ll Bounce Back”. Both choices are sure to inspire giggles in kids and adults alike. If you're looking for amazing discounts on our Mrs. Fields products, check out our Mrs. Fields coupon codes to save on your favorite items.

Thank you cookie bouquets are similar in nature – one has cookies shaped like dollar signs and bags of money, for example, and the message, “Thanks A Million”. There’ even a bouquet of yellow bee cookies, and the words, “Thanks A Buzzillion”. We do have a bouquet of blue and purple hearts and flowers, though, with a straightforward “Thank You” print on the middle cookie. This arrangement is appropriate for administrative gifts, especially when gifted to an employee as a reward for hard work. Giant cookie cakes are also perfect for the workplace; each employee can get a “slice” of oversized chocolate chip cookie instead of cake. The top of the giant cookie is frosted to read, “Happy Birthday” and accented with balloons and a bright red border. There are simply no sweeter birthday gifts for husbandor birthday gift for Mom out there!

Shari’s Berries is your one-stop destination for having edible gifts delivered, but that’s not all we offer. You can also send strawberries – hand-dipped and decorated, or alongside chocolate dipping sauce. Or, have birthday cakes delivered to the birthday boy or girl. If you’re still not sure what to select, give us a call. We’re happy to help you find the perfect gourmet gifts for any recipient, and any occasion.