Christmas Cakes

Christmas Cakes and Holiday Cakes from Shari's Berries make delicious and memorable Cake Gifts. Get cupcakes and Cakes Delivered in time for Christmas when you order cakes online-send a gift today.
Vanilla Bean Cake
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Red Velvet Cake
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Cheesecake Trio & Dozen Fancy Strawberries
100 reviews
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Tiramisu Classico Cake
81 reviews
Chocolate Velvet Boule
44 reviews

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Christmas Cakes

Looking for unique Christmas Cakes? Shop the upscale collection of cakes at Shari’s Berries, where we believe that quality ingredients and presentation make the difference between ordinary cakes and truly delectable premium desserts that will be remembered long after they’ve been enjoyed at the holiday meal.

We offer several distinctive Holiday Cakes to make your gatherings special. For chocolate lovers, we have several cakes that will delight the senses: our ultimate Three-Layer Chocolate cake is a study in chocolate with three layers of cake filled with velvety chocolate cream, topped with chocolate glaze and a fancy chocolate border; consider adding the Seasons Greetings icing message for a festive touch.

One of our most popular cake gifts are cupcakes. Choose from Christmas Vanilla Bean Cupcakes sweet vanilla bean cupcakes with edible sugar wreaths, Chocolate on Chocolate Cupcakes with moist, delicious chocolate cake topped with rich chocolate frosting and edible wreaths, heavenly Christmas Red Velvet cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting and edible wreaths, or a combination of all three! Send a lovely gift of four Christmas cupcakes, 8 cupcakes, or 16 cupcakes for a crowd.

Shari's Berries makes it so easy to give cake gifts-just order cakes online in the comfort of your home or office. Sit back and browse our online catalog and select just the right gift for the people on your holiday shopping list. Shop our selection of premium holiday cakes, including Carrot Cake, with its familiar spice and homestyle blend of carrots, walnuts and pineapple, filled with and topped with cream cheese frosting-tastes just like you remember!

Order our scrumptious cakes for your next Secret Santa get together. Send one to your home, give it a little Christmas wrap, and you are all set to be the crowd pleaser with your awesome Secret Santa surprise!

Better than shopping for gifts or going to the bakery, Shari's Berries will get your holiday cakes delivered on time and will be sure to delight your friends and family. If you can't be with your family this year, send them dessert to let them know how much you care. No matter which Christmas cake you choose, you can’t go wrong—our food gifts are made with the highest-quality ingredients, packaged carefully and shipped in secure packing to make sure your cake gift arrives promptly and in perfect condition. If you're shopping for your parents, we have Christmas gifts for Mom and Dad including delicious dipped berries, cookies, chocolates and cakes.