Gourmet Dipped Fruit

Fresh, juicy and a little decadent, our dipped fruit is perfect for every holiday and occasion. We have all their favorites, milk strawberries, dark strawberries, dipped cherries and dipped apples. We also have some new surprises they’ll love, like our sugar-shimmered champagne strawberries, decorated sports berries and festive confetti-sprinkled birthday strawberries. We’re always dreaming up delicious new ideas, because we think every celebration, and relationship, is better dipped.
Full Dozen Strawberry Medley
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3 Months of Strawberries
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12 Months of Strawberries
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6 Months of Strawberries
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20 Hand-Dipped Cherries
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Half Dozen Strawberry Medley
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Full Dozen Sports Strawberries
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Half Dozen Sports Strawberries
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Chocolate Dipped Fruit

When it comes to desserts, who doesn’t enjoy the finishing touches? Whether it’s a touch of whipped cream or a simple cherry, sometimes a great garnish can make the entire dish! And when it comes to fruit, why shouldn’t it be any different? That’s why here at Shari’s Berries you’ll always find a yummy and entirely scrumptious line of chocolate and caramel-dipped fruit. That’s right, forget simple boxes of chocolate truffles! Why not give a chocolate gift that combines the fresh flavor of fruit along with that sumptuous chocolate?

Five a day? No problem. With everything from berries and cherries, to apples, you’ll find chocolate-dipped fruit gifts of all kinds. Starting with our succulently sweet hand-selected cherries dipped in chocolate! Shari's Berries has been your source for gourmet fruit basket delivery for years now explore our utterly cherry-delicious trays of rich red and perfectly ripe maraschino cherries, in a host of milk chocolate, white chocolate and intensely luxurious dark chocolate selections. The cherry on top? You say an apple a day will keep the doctor away! And with our delicious, sweet and crisp caramel apples and chocolate dipped apples, you’ll have no problem keeping up your apple intake!

Turn to Shari's Berries when looking for the perfect gifts for your boyfirend's birthday. Or if you’re looking for a gift for a couple, as a whimsical treat with plenty of youthful flavor, send one as a great alternative to a box of chocolates, or, quite simply indulge your very own sweet tooth! Shari's Berries makes it easy to order fruit baskets online and we have all the variety your seeking. With plenty of great flavors to choose from you’re bound to find an apple to suit any appetite. Think chocolate and nut covered apples. Think M&M covered apples. Think traditional caramel apples. And, think white chocolate dipped apples and you’ll have just a few of the tempting candy apples we’ve got in store.

Of course let’s not forget our famous signature chocolate dipped berries! If there’s an occasion worthy of celebrating, an event that’s worth a special treat or a milestone worth marking, then we’ve got a beautiful selection of chocolate dipped berries to suit. Think of Shari's Berries for your next baby shower fruit basket. Check out delicious white chocolate-dipped berries that come decorated complete with pastel pink or pale blue swirls. For a guy’s birthday, discover fun sporting themed berries that can be decorated to look like footballs, basketballs or baseballs! For a wedding shower or engagement party, try a tray of our special white tuxedo berries that have what it takes to impress.

Whether your looking to order a birthday cake online or send chocolate dipped fruit to special friend you'll find the perfect gift with Shari's Berries. We have a vast selection of all-out scrumptious berries that have been dipped in a choice of premium quality chocolate, chocolate and nuts, chocolate and chocolate chips and even chocolate and sprinkles. What more can we say other than our selections is quite simply berry chocolatey!

Not sure what to choose for that gourmet gift occasion? Just take a peek at our handy customer product reviews and inspiration is sure to follow. From deciding what will suit your loved-one, to discovering the latest in seasonal picks, we do everything possible to make it even more effortless to create the fabulous food gift delivery.

In fact, no matter the occasion or celebration, we’ve got an outstanding food gift to match. And we make shopping totally simple too. No need to coordinate shipping or gift wrapping, we’ll send the chocolate dipped present to the destination of your choosing, chilled, beautifully presented and ready to enjoy. All your special friend or loved one will need is a fork and an appetite for chocolate-covered deliciousness. And you can always expect the very best in customer service too. So, whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift, hostess gift, thank you gift, congratulations gift or even an out-of-the-blue surprise, you can be sure when you get fruit delivered, it's nothing but the best.

Go for memorable and mouthwatering, sweet and sophisticated and check out our amazing gift collection now. We’re ready to help you put together an amazing food gift today.