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Chocolate Bark

Handmade with simple, gourmet ingredients, our chocolate bark is a perfect "just because" gift and an especially classic gift for the holidays. We start with high-quality chocolate & mix-in favorite flavors for a delicious crunch - crushed candy canes in our gourmet peppermint bark, pretzel bits in our salted caramel pretzel bark, roasted almonds for a traditional treat & more.
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Chocolate Bark

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, we say. Gourmet chocolate bark is a rustic chocolate experience in its most pure, natural, and unadulterated form. No need to roll it into a truffle, no need to fill it with gooey caramel, no need to wrap it up in pretty paper – chocolate bark candy speaks for itself.

We can’t explain how Aristotle knew about chocolate bark candy back in the 300s BC, but when he said, “the whole is more than the sum of its parts,” there’s no doubt that he was talking about our Handmade Caramel Pretzel Bark. You see, when you smash caramel and pretzels together, something truly amazing occurs. Our Handmade Caramel Pretzel Bark is the best taste sensation since Peanut Butter and Jelly. A layer of chewy caramel is sprinkled with crunchy, salty pretzels, then covered in milk chocolate and topped with more pretzel pieces. So very ugly - so very good.

Coffee lovers rejoice! Get your coffee fix and indulge your sweet tooth simultaneously with our Handmade Dark Chocolate Espresso Bark. This is our yummiest pick-me-up ever! Luscious dark chocolate is blended with crunchy crushed espresso beans. Give espresso bark as a teacher gift! Rich and dark, and the perfect mid-morning refreshment, this is the gourmet chocolate bark to keep in the top desk drawer in the classroom.

When you want bark candy delivered to a special someone with a penchant for peanuts, you can’t go past our Handmade Peanut Butter Bark. Does the man in your life crave a sweet treat before bed? Made for the midnight peanut butter eater, our PB bark takes creamy white confection, mixes it with smooth peanut butter and then swirls milk chocolate on top. And for an alternative to peanut candy, opt for almond bark instead. Our Handmade Blueberry & Almond Chocolate Bark takes crunchy almonds to new heights by blending them with delicious blueberries and dark chocolate. buy his birthday gift today from Shari's Berries gourmet selection

Pour a tall, cold glass of milk and indulge in our Handmade Oreo® Bark! Get Oreo bark for friends, family and colleagues and appeal to their inner kid! Just when you thought Oreo® cookies couldn’t get any yummier, we take creamy white confection and mix it with crushed Oreo® cookies and sprinkle more crushed Oreo® cookies on top, creating a sometimes smooth, sometimes crunchy, Oreo® Bark treat.

You needn’t limit yourself to trying just one type of gourmet chocolate bark. Our sampler is designed for the chocolate connoisseur who wants it all! Indulge your sweet tooth in the ultimate decadence with four delicious barks. Sample our Oreo® Bark, with its creamy white chunks of bark, choc full of crushed Oreo® cookie goodness. Treat yourself to the velvety peanutty scrumptiousness of our Peanut Butter Bark. Our Handmade Cranberry & Pecan chocolate bark. features creamy milk chocolate blended with tart cranberries and crunchy pecans and finally, our Handmade Blueberry & Almond Chocolate Bark is chock-a-block with blueberries, dark chocolate and crunchy almonds.

Chocolate bark candy makes a sweet gift for him, or anyone who has ever opened a box of chocolates and been afraid to take one, lest it ruin the symmetry of the collection. It also makes a great gift for the “Imperfectionist” who enjoys the natural textures and patterns of nature, or the pure foods enthusiast who believes in preserving the natural state of candy. Buy a slab for your loved ones today, or have bark candy delivered to the person you know will appreciate its rustic simplicity the most - you.