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Got cheesecake? We have! Cheesecake lovers will adore our outstanding selection of deluxe mini cheesecakes, classic New York style cheesecakes, gourmet chocolate cheesecakes and white chocolate cheesecakes that are guaranteed to wow. Talk about slice of cheesecake paradise! Shop the assortment today.

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Cheesecakes Delivered

They’re fresh, they’re creamy, and they’re perfect topped with fruit, drizzled with chocolate or simply enjoyed on their own. We’re talking about luxury cheesecakes of course, a luxurious evening dessert, a fun afternoon pick-me-up and an enduring classic. That’s right, here at Shari’s Berries the home of all things gourmet, we’ve made sure to include a decadently delicious line-up of cheesecakes to our sublime selection. And, lucky for you they’re available in a few simply mouse clicks. Need cheesecake delivery? We are here to help.

Whether you’re hosting a party, planning a great family dinner, setting the table for a special dessert or even looking for a great celebration cake, you’ll find plenty of tempting choices in our dessert department. Alongside our famous chocolate dipped strawberries, you’ll always discover a host of luxurious bakery treats. From European inspired gateaux and tortes, to restaurant-caliber chocolate mousse cakes, lemon chiffon cakes and bakery offering including cupcakes, brownies and traditional birthday cakes, we’ve got everything to satisfy a hungry appetite. Not forgetting unique cheesecakes and special cheesecake gifts!

Shopping for an anniversary, special celebration or milestone birthday? Why not sweep your wife or girlfriend off her feet with one of our stunning gift duos. Cheesecake lovers will simple relish our two-day delivery of gorgeous fragrant blooms and delectable mini cheesecakes. Talk about sweet surprise!

Better yet, because we know choosing just one sweet treat to order can be hard work, we’ve also put together a mouthwatering array cheesecake and berry gift combinations too. Looking for a fun a different way to spoil a sport’s fan? Guys will adore our sports-themed hand decorated berries with a trio of mini cheesecakes.

From luscious chocolate cheesecake, to classic New York cheesecake, sweet white chocolate cheesecake to fabulous rocky road cheesecake, we’ve got cheesecakes galore. And, better yet, whatever your budget, we’ve got a special cheesecake delight gift waiting for you too. Think simple and sweet with a vanilla cheesecake, thing deluxe and decadent with a cheesecake topped with chocolate, or, think fun and frivolous with one of our great cheesecake and berry pairings. The selection is divine and the choice is yours. Serve one up as a fun alternative to a traditional birthday cake, order a selection for that special family event or dinner party, or quite simply buy some for your very own relaxing night in. There’s no occasion too large or too small that doesn’t deserve a dose of our cheesecake deliciousness.

And here’s a taste of something tempting: Our cheesecake delivery won’t break the bank either. Just like all of our incredible picks, we offer a range of wonderful options that are set to wow and are sure to be remembered and truly savored. Here at Shari’s Berries we pull out all the stops to make sure that our line-up of incredible desserts is truly unbeatable. We do things that other companies can't, like offer you premium cookie delivery along with your cheesecake order for that extra wow when your recipient opens the gift.

Our mini cheesecakes might be small in size, but they’re certainly huge on taste and big on style. That’s because each and every single one of our amazing food gifts comes beautifully presented, professionally decorated, freshly made, expertly chilled and all ready to enjoy. Whichever unique cheesecake gift you decide upon, we’ll make sure it is delivered direct to your doorstep and set to impress. All you’ll need to do is grab a fork and dive in! Talk about cheesecake heaven! But don’t just take our word for it, shop our gift selection and you’ll also discover handy customer product reviews that will help you make your special choice.

Plus, when you visit Shari’s Berries you’ll find the browsing simple, the shopping easy and the quick-click check out a breeze. Not sure what to get? Simply give our helpful customer service experts a call and they can help you find the perfect gift or delicious surprise. And, why race around the mall when we’ll do all the hard work for you? Simply sit back, relax and check out our great gift selection from the comfort of your own home and we’ll get your special pick wrapped up and on its way to delight. So make it a memorable gift, make it a mouthwatering gift and shop the entire Shari’s Berries selection now. We’re the most luxurious place to find cheesecake online and we’re ready to take your order.