Caramel Apples

Shop caramel apples online from Shari’s Berries to find the perfect gourmet gifts for any recipient. Send apples dipped in caramel to bring back memories of summer days at the carnival or fair. Birthday celebrations and special occasions are extra-sweet when you have dipped caramel apples for every guest. Have a caramel apple delivered to that special someone today!

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Candy Apples

Who doesn't love the tart taste of a crisp green apple that has been deliciously surrounded by luscious caramel? Shari's Berries combines giant-orchard fresh apples with hand-crafted sweet caramel into eye-popping gourmet caramel apple goodness. Looking to buy caramel apples online and the candy apples? Shari's Berries delivers.

When you shop the gourmet candy apples from Shari’s Berries you'll find gifts that are unique enough to be the perfect 55th Birthday gifts! Each begins with a ripe, juicy, jumbo apple, and a sturdy stick. Once combined, these elements form the base for a sticky-sweet treat many of us remember from childhood. Choose from traditional caramel apples, special birthday selections, and apples coated with intriguing new toppings.

Too busy to make caramel apples? Can't find a caramel apple recipe? Buy caramel apples from Shari's Berries and we'll send our famous gourmet caramel apples for delivery on the day of your choice. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So you can have the perfect 35th Birthday gifts delivered hassle-free at a moments notice. Relax, Shari's Berries will take care our your celebration!

The traditional collection of hand-dipped caramel apples is the perfect way to re-discover the delicious tastes and textures of our candy apples. Four gourmet candy apples boast a medley of familiar flavors that are also a feast for the eyes. This collection offers four Granny Smith apples, and each is covered with a thick caramel coating. One apple is left as-is, so you can appreciate the classic flavor combination. The apple pie candy apple is dipped in sweet white confection, and then rolled in brown sugar and cinnamon. The cheesecake apple is dipped in white confection, and rolled in crushed graham crackers. Finally, the pecan caramel apple boasts a chunky outer coating of roasted pecan pieces. All of these items make for great gift ideas for friends, teachers, and family.

Shop caramel apples online for the birthday gift for her or him! Our special birthday gourmet caramel apples are laden with rich caramel and white or milk confection. Rainbow swirls add a cheerful burst of color, and a sprinkling of rainbow candies tops off this gourmet birthday present for her .This duo is almost too pretty to eat! Those seeking a bigger birthday spread will find plenty of options amidst our combinations of gourmet apples and hand-dipped berries. Select from a white or milk dipped birthday apple, and then choose either a full or half dozen dipped strawberries. All of the fruit will be wearing their “birthday suits” – bright rainbow sprinkles and swizzles!

Once you’ve savored the traditional flavors and birthday bites, try having a new type of caramel apple delivered: the candy bar collection. This four-piece offering includes one apple dipped in caramel, and one coated in crunchy pecan crumbles. The other two apples feature candy coating that will satisfy even the most serious of chocoholics. One arrives covered in M&Ms, and the other has a delicious layer of Snickers bar pieces. Most of us would never have thought to combine candy bars with candy apples, but thankfully Shari’s Berries did! The candy bar collection is especially impressive to kids, who already love candy in every possible form. And if your looking for some extra fun be sure to browse our decorated cookies that will bring a smile and a laugh to those you love.

As an alternative to sending a birthday cake, just send scrumptous apples covered in tasty caramel! Shop caramel apples online for birthdays - they make great birthday gifts for Grandpa, as well as other special celebrations throughout the year. You can use gourmet candy apples as appetizers, stocking stuffer Christmas gifts or party favors for circus themed kid’s parties, or as a unique retro type of treat for grown-up get-togethers. You can also skip the apple bobbing this Halloween, and serve gourmet candy apples instead. Once you get a taste of these delectable desserts, you will find yourself inventing reasons to shop for more! And don't forget to find our bargains at Shari's Berries Promotional Code pages.