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For a real slice of heaven, look to our range of delicious gourmet tortes and cakes. Rich chocolate cakes, yummy classic carrot cakes, sumptuous red velvet cakes, creamy tiramisu cakes and fun cupcakes make up our mouthwatering cake collection. Baked and decorated to perfection and delivered to your doorstep, our celebration cakes are sure to impress.
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Cake: It’s a must-have for every birthday celebration, an essential for any anniversary party and an absolute can’t-forget for any kind of graduation, retirement, engagement or baby shower get-together. Of course, that’s why you’ll always find a truly unbeatable assortment of sweet, richly flavored, knockout tortes, gateaux and cakes for all occasions here at Shari’s Berries! After all, we love a good party and every party deserves an amazing cake!

Calling all chocolate lovers! Take a peek at our dedicated cake store and you’ll discover a veritable chocolate cake hall of fame! Shop now and find gourmet chocolate cakes, chocolate layer cakes, chocolate brownie cakes, chocolate mousse cakes, chocolaty tiramisu cakes, personalizable cakes chocolate hazelnut tortes and even rich chocolate cupcakes! Yum! And here at Shari's Berries we have the perfect Starbucks Coffee gift baskets to complete the decadence.

Or, for something a little romantic, a little different and a lot tasty, look to our beautiful, southern classic red velvet cakes. Available as delicious cupcakes or as larger six-inch decorated cakes, there’s nowhere better to buy delicious red velvet cakes than Shari’s Berries! And better yet, if you need a beautiful cake stand on which to present your gourmet surprise, you’ll find those among our selection as well. You could say we’ve thought of everything!

Can’t be with a special friend or family member for a birthday? Or how about when your looking for friends Valentines gifts that will surprise and delight? With Shari’s Berries you can get birthday cakes delivered nationwide, so you can send along a huge dose of birthday cheer – even if you can’t be there to indulge in a slice! Better yet, many of our cakes are available frosted with birthday wishes too. Talk about a great gourmet birthday gift.

And, if you're looking for a unique and delicious gift to give to mom this Mother's Day, consider one of our decadent Mother's Day cakes she will love. Or, if you're planning an Independence Day celebration, check out our collection of delicious July 4th cakes!

For large parties, we feature a host of great serve-yourself options that work great for the buffet table. Try our colorful Valentines Day cake pops, creamy and decadent mini cheesecakes, brownie and cookie medleys and of course our many traditional frosted cupcakes. Easy to serve and delicious to eat, you’ll want to make sure these sweet treats make it onto your guest list!

Beautifully decorated, wonderfully presented and delivered chilled and all ready to eat, our gourmet bakery cakes can’t fail to impress. Just grab a plate, a fork and enjoy. Finding a delicious celebration cake really couldn’t be simpler or faster and if your getting hungry while you shop think of adding some roasted chocolate nuts for a great snack to reward your hard work or moist cake balls, just-baked balls of cake dipped in yummy toppings. These delicious cake truffles are available in a selection of on-trend flavors like red velvet cake balls, peanut butter cake balls, chocolate cake balls & more. Simply log on now, browse the selection and we’ll get your gourmet cake delivered in a flash. The only problem? With so many tempting picks to choose from, you might find it difficult selection just one! So send cakes online the Shari’s Berries way and shop our outstanding cake collection today! Bon appetit!

"Let them eat cake," Marie Antoinette is rumored to have said. When you are shopping for a gourmet food gift, listen to Marie's advice and send a luscious & delicious gourmet cake from Shari's Berries to someone on your list. Whether you are looking for a cheesecake, chocolate cake, or red velvet cake; your search will be deliciously satisfied. For proof, take a look at some of our sweet gift ideas