Bridal Party Gifts

Thank them with gifts they’ll remember forever when you order any of Shari’s Berries gourmet gifts. Perfect for the bridal party, guests, or even the bride herself, these gourmet treats bring perfection to every palate they cross.
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Bridal Party Gifts

Every bride wants her day to be absolutely fabulous starting with the perfect dress, to mouthwatering eats, fantastic decorations, and all the way to the best photographer. But all that comes with a lot of planning, work, and stress! There are a thousand and one different details that must be attended to in every aspect of the wedding, and the bride can’t do it alone. She needs her family, and most importantly her bridal party. They’re the ones who keep her calm, help with her bachelorette party, help pick out her dress, and help plan her bridal shower. So it’s of the utmost importance that the bride takes the time and the opportunity to thank her bridal party with gifts that show an abundance of love.

Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Traditionally, brides give their party gifts such as jewelry, candles, and frames. But we suggest mixing it up a bit this year and presenting them with bridal party gifts of gourmet delights. What woman wouldn’t be head over bridesmaid heels for gorgeous hand-dipped strawberries or beautiful chocolate cake pops? They’ll love the epicure of the food they receive and the absolute stunning presentation. And they’ll also love the hand drawn designs on these dessert treats you can’t find anywhere else. Order your bridal designed dipped berries and cake pops today for the best way to thank your bridal party.

Berries and cake pops aren’t the only bridal party gifts we have to offer though. Another customer favorite is our selection of Mrs. Fields cookies and other Mrs. Fields treats. Her delights always come in a beautiful basket or container and are perfect as gifts. You can also order a large basket of these cookie wonders and individually wrap a portion of them in baggies that reflect your wedding color scheme. They’d be personal and well received gifts. Choose from hand-dipped cherries, a cheesecake trio, and personalized cookies as other gifting ideas.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

The bridal shower came about as a means for the bride’s party and friends to help ensure that the wedding came to be, no matter the circumstances. Today, the bridal shower isn’t so much to ensure the final details of the wedding, but rather for other’s to impart their “pearls” of marriage love and wisdom. Mothers and grandmothers always have little secrets to pass on in the areas that they find most important and friends do what they can to make sure the bride is happy. Also, there are always those special items to be passed from one generation to the next. Here at Shari’s Berries we offer a fountain of bridal shower gift ideas so you can find the more traditional minded gifts, such as gourmet cakes, flower bouquets and farm fresh fruit baskets; and the more modern minded gifts such as wedding berries, wine and food gift sets and even grill kits, all of which are ready for delivery direct to your desired destination. 

As traditions often do, the bridal shower has developed into a celebration of female bonding. Today the gatherings run the gambit of style, and typically revolve around the personal taste of the bride. Whether it’s a day at the spa, a cooking class or some other reflection of the bride, the bridal shower has morphed into a time of complete female bonding. This is why it is important to order bridal party gifts for guests that show how much you, the bride, appreciate your guests being there and taking the time to honor you. And the gifts don’t have to be expensive. The price of the gift is not the message to be imparted, but rather the thoughts and feelings behind it.  That’s why we offer items such as individually wrapped cake pops, gourmet dipped swizzled berries and dipped cookies that are all wonderful, thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank since most start at under $30.  Let Shari’s Berries fulfill your needs for a fantastic, inexpensive gift that will be remembered by all for the love and thought you put into it.

Shari’s Berries offers a wide range of gifts for all aspects of the bridal shower – especially for the bride herself. If you are looking for that unique gift that tells the bride how special you think she is, we have bridal shower gift ideas you’ll love. Maybe you are looking for a special gift that both the bride and groom can share together, like a collection of red and white wine. Or perhaps you want to purchase a gift for the bride herself. Send her a spa gift that will help her relax before the big day or order an Artisan Cheese Gift Basket that she can keep in her dressing room and snack on as she is getting ready. Shari’s Berries promises that our wide variety of gourmet gifts and other ideas can satisfy your gifting needs.