We're ready to be extra kind—to friends, family and of course, strangers. Especially since practicing random acts of kindness makes us feel good and as we are soon welcoming another year, what better way to celebrate than to set kindness goals and teach our kids the true value of kindness.

We created this super fantastic Random Acts of Kindness Generator with over 50 ideas to help you be extra kind all year long. Simply click a category in the top row that interests you—eg: “at work” or “with kids”—and the generator will provide a single idea for the day. Scroll down and click the white buttons to see all the random acts of kindness ideas within a single category. Let's begin!

Click a box below to generate a random act of kindness for the day.


As you can see, being kind isn’t just awesome, it’s easy. Kind acts and words don’t have to be dramatic to have a dramatic impact, and really brighten someone’s day. Holding the door open. A handwritten note of encouragement. A silly joke to cheer them up. A surprise gift of cookies. Or simply a heartfelt smile. We always try to be kind and think the world can never have too much kindness. The best thing we can do is celebrate life, and show others that we care. Kindness ideas and opportunities are all around us, we just have to have an open heart.