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Fresh out of the oven, expertly decorated and delightfully presented, discover our range of rich cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes, birthday cakes, desserts and cookies. From old-fashioned family favorites to modern gourmet delights, we’ve got something to tempt everyone on your list.
Chocolate, Vanilla, & Red Velvet Cake Pops
11 reviews
starting at $19.99
Handmade Get Well Brownie Pops
149 reviews
starting at $24.99
Handmade Birthday Cupcake Brownie Pops
98 reviews
starting at $24.99
Handmade Zoo Animals Brownie Pops
77 reviews
starting at $29.99
Assorted Cake Truffles
39 reviews
starting at $24.99
Handmade Easter Brownie Pops
28 reviews
starting at $29.99
Mrs. Fields Classics
18 reviews
starting at $39.99
Tiramisu Classico Cake
92 reviews
Handmade S'Mores
47 reviews
Chocolate, Vanilla & Red Velvet Cake Truffles
5 reviews
starting at $24.99
Strawberry Cookie Jar with Cookies
1 review
$39.99 $19.99
Red Velvet, Cookie, & Peanut Butter Cake Pops
14 reviews
starting at $19.99
Chocolate Velvet Boule
45 reviews
10 Sweet Cherries & 9 Assorted Cake Truffles
3 reviews
$54.98 $44.98
Mrs. Fields Classic Crate
15 reviews

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Dipped Cookies and Gourmet Cakes at Shari’s Berries

Can’t cook? Won’t cook? Whichever it is, you don’t need to put on the chef’s hat to whip up a gourmet treat for someone you love. Let us prepare a culinary masterpiece for the special occasion you’re planning. Whether you’re inviting guests over, want to stock up on some decadent cookies for the family, or simply need to indulge the team at work, we’ll bake up the perfect delight.

Our bakery sweets selection with mouthwatering assorted cookies and cakes is awe inspiring. If it's something for the old sweet tooth that you're craving, we have an array of bakery fresh assortments that are unsurpassable in quality. Some people call it a sweet gourmet food gift, other's just call it joy.

Have your cake and eat it with our bakery assortment of tortes, gateaux and good old-fashioned cakes. Looking for a 6" Red Velvet Cake? We deliver! Shopping for a moist, frosted carrot cake? Look no further! On the hunt for the ultimate chocolate cake? No problem! Our expert chefs have assembled a great line-up of family favorites and gourmet restaurant-quality cakes alike. Just check out our special freshly baked custom cookies and cakes now.

No one can resist a cupcake. Especially when it’s a Shari’s Berries gourmet cupcake. Perfectly sized to enjoy all on your own, personal desserts don’t get any more whimsical than this. Browse our cupcake assortment and you’re guaranteed to find enough rich and moist chocolate cupcakes, fun red velvet cupcakes or creamy and light vanilla bean cupcakes to fulfill any craving!

Want to know where to buy cookies online? Shari’s Berries of course! For cookies just like grandma bakes them, browse our incredible variety of cookie gifts. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin: we’ve got everyone’s favorites! In a hurry? Forget the grocery store! We’ll deliver your cookies direct to your doorstep so you can enjoy all the fresh, moist deliciousness without even lifting a finger. And, if you’re shopping for a particular occasion, you’ll find that we offer an outstanding range of fun and fabulous gift-wrap options too. For a birthday, try our Shooting Star Cookie Tower. Or, how about one of our traditional cookie baskets? We even feature gourmet dipped cookies as well! If you're looking for great savings on our Mrs. Fields cookies, look no further. Check out our Mrs. Fields promo codes to help you save on scrumptious baked goods!

And because no dinner is truly complete without a little sweet treat, we offer plenty of luxurious, restaurant-quality baked picks to satisfy any sweet tooth. For dessert, why not order up our lusciously smooth and rich chocolate mousse cake? Or, for your next party, try one of our deliciously different assortments of brownie pops. Just like mini popsicles, these intensely flavored brownie bites are the ultimate in finger food. Yum! And of course let’s not forget our sumptuously creamy and smooth mini, personal sized cheesecakes. So, get shopping now and make somebody’s day with a unique and decadent Shari’s Berries gift. We’re ready and waiting to take your order.