Baby Shower Gifts

A new little one is the best reason to celebrate, so be sure to shower mom and dad with gifts at the baby shower. Find the perfect baby shower gift basket for the expecting parents, or surprise them with gourmet snacks to enjoy while the wait for baby to arrive. Parents and party hosts can also shop here to find baby shower gifts for guests!
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Baby Shower Gifts

Few can resist the appeal of a brand new baby, and for good reason. Celebrate new life when you send baby shower gifts from Shari’s Berries! Find special sweets that announce “It’s a Boy!” and “It’s a Girl!”, along with tasty congratulation gifts and baskets packed full of newborn essentials. The baby gifts & baby shower gifts found here aren’t just for new parents, though. The host or hostess can browse our selection find baby shower gifts for guests, too. Everything gathered here among our online baby shower gift ideas will surely bring on the oohs and aahs – prepare for an overload of adorableness!

Floral bouquets are a beautiful sentiment, but parents-to-be might already be overwhelmed with a house full of baby supplies. A cookie delivery is the perfect alternative. This unique treat features decadent butter crème cookies, hand decorated in a medley of baby-friendly shapes. Two cookies are shaped and iced to look like rattles, and two look like baby bottles. A bib shaped cookie is frosted to read “Cutie Pie”, and a small pacifier shaped cookie sits front and center. The main attraction, though, is a round cookie that declares either “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!”; cookie bouquets come in blue themes for boys, and pink themes for girls. Many new parents want to announce their baby’s gender in a dramatic way, and this bouquet will do the trick. Make it the centerpiece of the shower décor, and wait for guests to notice that you have a mini him or her on the way! These bouquets can also be purchased and presented as birthday gifts for the literal birth-day, or included gift basket for dad and mom.

There’s another impossibly sweet present that simply must be present at the shower for expecting mom or dad – our signature hand-dipped berries. Out-of-towners can send chocolate strawberries by mail, so pregnant parents only have to go as far as the doorstep to acquire this indulgent treat. You can also buy strawberries to bring along to the shower. We think they work particularly well as baby shower gifts for guests, though. They’re perfect as thank you gifts for all of the time, attention, and gifts that loved ones have lavished upon you. Choose from baby boy berries (blue) or baby girl berries (pink). Each half or full dozen set has berries dipped in dark and milk confection, then adorned with either tiny polka dots or swizzles. Two tone berries – dipped first blue dyed confection, then halfway dipped in white confection – add to the appeal. The final touch comes from berries that are coated in fluffy shredded coconut. If the mom-to-be is on a careful diet, you can opt for berries from our collection of sugar free gifts instead.

Baby shower gift baskets are always welcome, as they usually come stocked up with everyday must-haves. Our arrangements are packed into keepsake tubs or crates, with plus teddy bears or barnyard baby animals along for the ride. Johnson and Johnson bath products, baby utensils, and soft rompers are all included, among other items. For the ultimate in sweet baby gifts, pair a dozen cupcakes (chocolate, vanilla bean, or red velvet) with a duo of unbleached cotton onesies. The baby clothing is packed inside a decorative bakery box, and each rolled up onesie is nestled inside a cupcake wrapper. A removable fruit or flower “topping” is the proverbial icing on the cake! Or, present dipped berries along with a bib that features an embroidered strawberry appliqué. Incredibly, the items described here are just the start of our collection! Didn’t we promise the absolute sweetest baby shower gifts around?